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Journalism Awards

Deadline: June 5, 2015

Emphasizing key projects, innovative ideas, and the best of craft, the Construction Writers Association Journalism Awards provide the perfect opportunity to be recognized by your peers in the industry. This is an excellent opportunity to shine!

CWA presents six CWA Journalism Awards in each level at its annual conference. Five awards are presented with the Robert F. Boger Award and one award is presented as the Kneeland "Ned" Godfrey Award. The awards are presented to the author or editor of the winning article(s). We added two levels this year which creates more opportunities to win an award. The two levels are: less than or equal to $2M in revenues and greater than $2M in revenues.

Robert F. Boger Award

The Robert F. Boger Award has five categories:

  • Feature articles
  • Special reports
  • Editorials
  • Videos
  • Blogs

These articles must be published in construction industry magazines and journals. An award is presented in each category and additional awards may be presented at the judge’s discretion. Entries submitted should be written by editors or the publication staff or by freelance professionals who were commissioned by a publication to provide an article, special report or an editorial.

The awards honor the late Robert F. Boger, publisher of Mc-Graw-Hill’s Engineering News-Record magazine and Construction Methods & Equipment magazine, as well as the primary force behind the founding of CWA. The association established the Robert F. Boger Awards in 1975 for editorial excellence and achievement in construction journalism.

These awards recognize:

  1. Feature articles on current subjects of general significance to the construction industry and, in particular, to the publication’s readers.
  2. Special reports that demonstrate the writer or editor’s analytical and interpretive skills on a subject of particular interest to the publication’s readers.
  3. Editorials written by a member of the publication’s staff. The pieces will reflect the editorial policy of the publication and its role in the construction industry.

Past Winners

Kneeland “Ned” Godfrey Award

The Kneeland “Ned” Godfrey Award is presented for a body of work published in construction industry magazines and journals. A single author is recognized for superior journalistic and writing skills over the course of a year.

Kneeland “Ned” Godfrey, a former editor of Civil Engineering magazine, was an active member of CWA. The association established the Godfrey Award in 1999 to honor his work with CWA and his skills as a journalist.

Past Winners

Awards Ceremony

Winners will be announced by August 6, 2015 or earlier. The winners will be presented their awards in September 2015.

Judging Criteria

The CWA Journalism Awards Committee selects an impartial panel of industry professionals to evaluate the entries and verify that entries comply with the rules of the competition. The committee serves as the screening group to receive entries and verify their compliance with the entry rules. No individual is eligible to serve as a juror if they submit an entry in the same year or is currently affiliated with a publication or publisher of an entry. Committee members are ineligible to compete or serve as jurors.

Judges will evaluate entries as follows:

  • Writing style/writing skill: 30%
  • Value to the publication’s audience: 30%
  • Uniqueness of the angle/approach to the subject: 20%; and
  • Impact on the industry: 20%.

Judges are instructed to evaluate each entry primarily on journalistic merit, placing emphasis on writing skills, editorial content, and article concept. The jury will look more toward the merits of the entrant's writing and editing efforts than at the entry's presentation and promotional qualities.

Award Specifications

The CWA Journalism Awards are presented annually to the author or editor of the winning article. Only one award of each kind is presented each year, although the judges, at their discretion, may present duplicate award trophies to individual writers or editors when a jointly authored entry is selected as the winner.

The judges may also elect to commend outstanding runner-up entries. CWA members in good standing at the time of entry are eligible to submit entries and non-members are eligible to submit to entries for this award.

Department sections, product columns, and "advertorial" sections are not eligible as entries for awards. Magazines and the magazine's publishing house are not eligible for this award. This award is for the authors and or editors only.

Article ideas initiated by external sources such as agencies or companies, and then written by them are excluded. Articles that are not eligible may be submitted to CWA’s Marketing Communications Awards program.

Entry Requirements

  • Print and complete an entry form. Send the completed form to the designated committee chairperson. See info below for contact name and mailing information.
  • Send payment to the CWA headquarters. See info below for contact name and mailing information.
  • Each author should submit a separate application form for each entry.
  • Only one article per form for the Roger F. Boger Awards.  
  • Three-five articles are considered “one unit” or “a body of work” for the Kneeland “Ned” Godfrey Award.
  • Entrant(s) can be CWA members or non-members.
  • Editors, publication staff or freelance professionals are eligible if commissioned by the publication to provide an article or special report. If multiple authors are involved, then identify all authors.
  • Department sections, product columns, and “advertorial” sections are not eligible as entries for the awards.
  • Article ideas initiated by external sources such as agencies or companies, and then written by them are excluded for this award. These articles, that are not eligible, may be submitted to CWA's Marketing Communications Awards-a separate award program.
  • All entries should be bylined. Where no byline appears, the entry should include a statement from the publication's editor corroborating the responsibility of the individual editor or writer or group of authors for originating and writing the submitted material.
  • All entries must have been published in a specialized business periodical, a technical association magazine, or a professional journal serving the construction industry, encompassing such disciplines and activities as architecture, engineering, planning, design, specifying, contracting (building/heavy/specialty), and construction materials, systems, equipment, or management.
  • All entries must have been published in print between January 1, 2013 - to the awards deadline. Entries including cover dates earlier or later than specified may be submitted in their entirety, but only if 75% or more of the series was published within the specified dates.
  • All entries become the property of CWA. Entries will not be returned.

Presentation Format

The presentation format is important. Each entry must include:

  • Electronic submissions are encouraged in a PDF format. If you prefer to send in a hard copy, please include a CD of your documents in PDF format with your hard copy entry.
  • A completed copy of the Journalism Entry Form. This form must be included with your submission.
  • Electronic copies or of the original published tear-sheets of the newsletter, article or series of articles. An opening statement, no more than one page, containing:
    1. A brief description of the specific discipline or segment of the construction industry the publication serves, and its target audience.
    2. An explanation of the significance and intent of the material submitted and how it was conceived and prepared;
    3. Any other pertinent background that might assist jurors in evaluating the entry.
  • Entries should be no larger than 8½ by 11 inches unless published in larger dimensions, if submitted in hard copy.
  • Entries should be presented in a neat and systematically organized manner and should be enclosed in a plastic carrier, folder, or binder—boards will not be accepted, if submitted in hard copy.
  • A PDF of your entry must be provided on a CD and enclosed with your submittal, if submitting a hard copy entry.

Entry Fee

Member and non-members are welcome to submit entries.

Members-The entry fee is $175(US) per entry. Each subsequent entry is $150(US).

Non-members- The entry fee is $250(US). Each subsequent entry is $175(US). 

Payment is accepted by check or credit card. Checks should be made payable to: CWA or the Construction Writers Association. If using a credit card, then you can fax the form to CWA.


The deadline for entries is June 5, 2015.

All submittals must be postmarked no later than the deadlines.

The entry and the payment should be sent separately to the designated addresses by the deadline. Your entry must be sent to the committee chairperson and your payment and/or payment form to the CWA office.

Send entries to:

Kari Moosmann, CWA Journalism Awards Chair at kmoosmann@constructivecommunication.com and state “CWA Journalism Award Entry -add your name- in the "Subject" line.

If you cannot send your award entry by email, then entries can be sent to:

Kari Moosmann, CWA Journalism Awards Chair
8117 Middlebury Ave.
Woodbridge, IL 60517
United States
Telephone: 1-630-541-3857

Please note the title “Journalism Awards Entry” on the addressed envelope. 

Send payment with a copy of the entry form to CWA.

William R. Tolley
Executive Director
Construction Writers Association
38800 Country Club Drive
Farmington Hills, MI 48331
United States

Checks should be made payable to CWA or the Construction Writers Association.

Please note the title “Journalism Awards Entry “on the addressed envelope or fax cover sheet.

Permission and disclaimer: CWA will issue press releases announcing all winners. Award recipients may send their own releases after the official CWA press releases. The CWA logo is available upon request in writing by contacting William R. Tolley, CWA Executive Director. A copy of the draft release should accompany the request for logo use.

For additional information: If you have any questions, please contact the committee chairperson or the executive director.

Kari Moosmann
CWA Journalism Awards Chair

William R. Tolley
Executive Director
Construction Writers Association
Telephone: 773-687-8726


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