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6 patients and when available the parents were included in this study. Alterations of the metaphase chromosomes by GTG staining, the length of both the trinucleotide CAG- and GGC-repeats of the androgen receptor (AR) gene was determined by PCR, further the entire AR gene was sequenced and analyzed. testosterone.

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Our results suggest that increased E2 levels, the G allele of rs3808350 and the A allele of rs3808351 might explain why certain adolescents are affected by gynecomastia. testosterone.

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A pilot cross-sectional study was conducted for a period of one month (August-September 2013) at Balaji Hospital, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. The final sample included 126 study participants located in various urban (50%, n = 63) and rural (50%, n = 63) settings. Information was gathered on sociodemographic and anthropometric characteristics, clinical history, occurrence of acne and hirsutism, serum testosterone levels, obstetric history, family history of chronic diseases, menstrual history, physical activity, and dietary intake. testosterone.

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Patients who are alcohol dependent have a significantly lower 2D:4D than controls, similar to the results of previous studies, which suggest that a higher prenatal testosterone level in the gonadal period is related to alcoholism. Furthermore, 2D:4D is a possible predictive marker of alcohol dependence. testosterone.

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Data from 2560 women from two cohorts of the Study of Health in Pomerania were used. Stepwise multivariable regression models were implemented to investigate a broad range of behavioral, socio-demographic, and cardiometabolic clinical correlates related to total testosterone (TT), free testosterone (fT), androstenedione (ASD), dehydroepiandrosterone-sulfate (DHEAS), estrone (E1), estradiol (E2), and sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). testosterone.

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Maximal profit in both the commercial egg and meat industries requires that the quantity of oviposited eggs closely matches the quantity of large yellow follicles maturing in the ovary. While laying hens are genetically selected for maximal egg production and strategies for management of broiler breeders have been constructed to achieve a similar outcome, a percentage of ovarian follicles that are selected into the ovulatory hierarchy in these hens still never make it to oviposition possibly due to atresia of large yellow follicles or internal ovulation of the oocyte into the peritoneal cavity rather than the oviduct. The causes and mechanisms responsible for these processes remain unclear, however, evidence in wild birds suggests that stressful and/or territorial challenges may stimulate oocyte losses. Since testosterone and corticosterone are central to the responses to territorial intrusions and stress, respectively, and since both large yellow follicles and the oviduct that will engulf them are sensitive to hormonal cues, one or both hormones may play a role in the loss of large yellow follicles via atresia and/or internal ovulation in laying hens. To test this, broiler breeder hens were treated with corticosterone or testosterone 5 h prior to ovulation and observed to see whether these treatments influenced the likelihood that a hen would lay an egg 24 h after the predicted ovulation time. A subset of hens that did not lay an egg were killed and dissected to look for evidence of follicle atresia and internal ovulation. Testosterone treatment resulted in significantly more oocyte losses, and 60% of these occurred due to internal ovulations, as was indicated by the presence of yolk in the peritoneal cavity. Corticosterone did not influence the rate of oocyte losses, follicle atresia, or internal ovulation. These results suggest that testosterone can cause disruptions that ultimately prevent the oviduct from capturing the oocyte after ovulation. testosterone.

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